Shape Up, Be Healthy! Start Swimming Today!

swimming for healthSwimming is a great way to keep fit. You may have heard this many times before and as easy as it sounds, it is actually a challenging and a demanding activity. But after all the hard work comes good health.

Here are top reasons why you should start swimming today:

Swimming develops Flexibility

Do you know that water is among the best tool to enhance flexibility? When chiropractic devices go wrong, swimming exercises doesn’t. Experts highly suggest swimming to many who are having issues in motion. Swimming, though strenuous does not put much stress on our joints. Thus it is advisable for those recuperating from muscle and joint injuries.

Great antiaging tool

Swimming has been demonstrated to slice the danger of dying by nearly 50 percent. Record shows that swimmers have the longest life span compared to other sportsmen in different niche. And guess what? It keeps your body young, healthy though not wrinkle-free.

Helps develop better breathing

Swimming develops good breathing techniques and thus improves body condition of those suffering from hereditary asthma. Because water is denser than oxygen, your lungs must work that to supply enough oxygen to your blood, providing your lungs a good workout and so decreasing asthma symptoms.

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Swimming helps improve mental health.

If you feel stressed out from work or other matters, the best remedy is swimming. Experts suggests that exercises done in water, such as swimming, develops better mood among men and women. Water decreases anxiety and provides a relaxing state of mind.

Swimming helps anyone lose weight. 

See video below to learn how to lose weight with swimming.

Do you know that you can burn up to 500 calories with swimming alone? This is a fact because swimming allows us to move all part of our body without stressing too much.

Swimming is a great aerobic workout

No matter what age range you belong to, swimming is good for you. In fact, swimming is good for everyone, especially to those who are older. According to experts, swimming has a low impact on people suffering from arthritis or to those who have limitations in weight. Therefore, it is a great workout for almost anyone regardless of age, weight, height or physical disability.