Who Am I?

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An independent blogger blogging about health topics mostly found in news. Whether it is new on TV or Internet.

I bought this website from a friend of mine who knew the previous owener. It was a radio station streaming website he told me.

Well, radio is not my thing as they say so I am going to write about my passion here instead.

There is a lot of crazy stuff going on out there right now and I want you guys to know.

What I want to do here tho, is not just blatantly right content. I want interaction on your part guys! I want every blog post to turn onto a discussion.

A little about me…

As you can see from my address mentioned below I live in Maryland right now. The truth is, I also grew up and I never moved anywhere else. Why should I really right? I love it here!

Grady Edwards
1667 Wilmar Farm Road