Obesity Among Young Adults – How To Solve It

woman-977976_1920What is the root of obesity among our teens? If the number of obesity among our teens continues to rise, we are facing a bigger problem ahead and we may lose our teens to health related problems brought about by obesity. What is root of obesity among our young adults? For the most part, there is lesser physical activity among our teens. Sports that had been traditionally played in team outdoors can now be played indoors through computers and the internet. Poor eating habits is one and lifestyle is another. These factors when combined can cause severe obesity that puts your child in danger.

Treating obesity can be successful with self discipline and awareness. However, we know that adolescents who lose 5 pounds through diet and exercise may gain back lost pounds in just a few days. And when diet and exercise no longer works, surgical intervention could be the last resort. Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery is a method recommended by many doctors when faced with severe obesity and when diet no longer works. Consult with your doctor to discuss the pros and cons of this method.

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The teen-age years are those that are hard to handle because for one they are sensitive and highly emotional. Regardless, we have to help them boost their self esteem, encourage them to lose weight and join physical activities that will benefit them in many ways.

Watch Fast Food, Obesity and Adolescents

Obesity among our adolescents is becoming a growing problem through the years. Stats show that there is at least one out of five young adults, age ranges 13-16 is considered overweight. Overweight or obesity can be identified through BMI or the body mass index. If BMI is more than 30 then the person is considered overweight. Sadly, more and more teens within this age range shows a BMI of more than 30. This data calls the attention of many health workers throughout the country.

Diet and exercise or medical intervention could help them in the future. Talk to an expert, seek help, and plan your journey towards a better and healthy living Be the perfect example for your child, live a healthy lifestyle today.