How Does Feng Shui Help Enhance Good Health and Positive Energy Flow

In this modern day, many homeowners consider Feng Shui when decorating their homes. Even though Feng Shui is an ancient practice, our generation still believes in it’s binding principles to promote good health and harmony within the home. You may make changes to an already existing home, or build a new home structure with Feng Shui guiding principles.

Below are three basic Feng Shui Principles to consider when building your home

Careful Room Planning

In Feng Shui, positioning is vital. Careful planning should be made before even building the structure. Consider where each room should be placed in the house. Feng Shui specialists makes use of a compass or a Lou Pan to determine the best location of each room by identifying where the direction of the qi flow is. These tools along with the 8-residence concept and travelling college theory helps to determine the qi flow.

Ceiling Elevation

Ceiling elevation plays an important role in Feng Shui home designs. Although a high ceiling may produce a feeling of openness, this layout selection is not recommended for all areas. Some spaces, such as resting locations, are meant to feel more intimate and relaxing. In these locations, stay clear of high ceilings. Subjected beams are likewise thought about as a poor option in Feng Shui house designs. It is believed that the presence of a beam of light can cause an inadequate circulation of qi which could connect to health problems.

Shape and Emphasis

A lot of home styles feature square and also rectangular areas. Although this seems typical, it is also an ideal shape to allow the circulation of qi. When an unusually shaped space is integrated into a home design, the qi will certainly not flow equally. Uneven circulation could produce lack of concentration in the room, which can cause lots of other problems in the lives of the home’s residents.

Building your ideal home could cost you a lot of your time and money but doing it right could benefit you and your family as a whole, both in physical and mental health. Apart from consulting with a Feng Shui specialist, it is also best to consult with Atlanta’s Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, HVAC, Pest Control and Disaster restoration company.